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Our Missions

Changing the idea about assets changes the way we live

In the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, we offer various services to support the management of a organization, which is strong and flexible enough to face unpredictable circumstances.

In the 100-year life period, let us change the way we live with new values

WellGo considers it important to live balancing not only tangible assets but also intangible assets such as health,
connection with others and experience.

image - wellbeing

To everyone involved with WellGo.

We are committed to harmonizing with our customers, business partners, employees, society/communities, future generations, and shareholders by realizing wellbeing. We consider our customers, business partners, employees, society/community, future generations, and shareholders as our stakeholders, and strive for harmony through the realization of wellbeing.

image - For Customers

For Customers

We offer high-quality products and values

WellGo offers high quality and valuable services to meet the needs for every customer including corporate executives, HRs, medical PICs, occupational health staffs, employees, and their family members.

image - For employees

For employees

We are committed to individuals' respects, safety, fair evaluation, and work environment.

WellGo is a place where each employee is respected as an individual and perform their abilities and fulfill their responsibilities in a safe environment and under fair evaluation.

image - For business partners

For business partners

We offer opportunities for co-creation and value improvement

For all the business partners such as the OEM partners, offshore development companies, contents providers which create services with us, WellGo solves social issues and provides proper opportunities for benefit and co-creation to pave the way to a better future.

image - To Stockholders

To Stockholders

We are ready to dive into innovative market and face adversaries

For all the stockholders who believe and invest in our services, WellGo, under the robust management, with cutting-edge ideas, relentlessly making effort to provide innovative services, contributes to stockholders' just reward.

Social Relations

image - To the local community/society

To the local community/society

We contribute to advancement of health, education/welfare, and the environmental protection

For the local community in which we live and work, our country which faces strenuous problems such as aging population and declining birthrate, and the global community in which people with diverse values coexist, through the beneficent social business, WellGo contributes to health, education, welfare, environment protection.

image - For future generations

For future generations

We are responsible for passing on health, information and data record

For all the future generations, WellGo advances the current generation's health promotion and safely passes on the statistics/record/effects in a responsible manner.

For those who want to know more about WellGo

You can check our company's various information.