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Games make your health management fun

It is hard to be conscious of your health all the time. Gamification will motivate you to take actions.


  • image - Employee's TODO

    Employee's TODO

    You can list tasks notified by company and health insurance. It will help you clarify what you should do such as health check, stress check, reports of secondary examination, detailed examination.

  • image - Checkup Results

    Checkup Results

    You can view your check-up results through web/application. You can convert the result to PDF.

  • image - Step-count management

    Step-count management

    In addition to smartphone's healthcare and GoogleFit, you can use smartwatch. You can see your step-counts in rankings. By understanding your ranking in your department and company, you can maintain health awareness.

  • image - Total Health Rank

    Total Health Rank

    We score your health from various angles such as medical checks, interview results, the number of steps. By categorizing your health into 46  health stages, you can maintain and improve your health in a light-hearted way.

  • image - Team function

    Team function

    You can create a walking team with your peers. As a team, you set up a collective target distance and collaborate with each other to achieve the goal. You can consequently foster communications with other people in your office.

  • image - Quest


    Out of various categories such as fitness, diet, dental care, and sleeping, you choose a quest which you want to make a good habit of. In accordance with your achievement, you gain experiences which correspond the size of your castle town. The more you play the game, the more you easily maintain your health.

  • image - Diet Record

    Diet Record

    We keep tabs on the amount of drinking and eating. Since you can see what nutrients you are deficient in, you can raise your awareness about diet.

  • image - Measurement Record

    Measurement Record

    You can keep track of your life log including body weight and blood pressure. If you link your life log to your smartwatch or weight scale, you don't have to worry about losing recorded data.

  • image - Sleep Record

    Sleep Record

    In cooperation with wearable devices such as smartwatch, we keep track of your sleep. If you don't have one, you can also link it to your application in your smartphone.

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