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Visualizing health management

It is hard to see the effects of heal management. With WellGo, you can visualize imperceptible changes with data.


  • image - Support for healthcare management investigation

    Support for healthcare management investigation

    Every year, healthcare management investigation costs you a lot of energy. We auto calculate quantitative figures, thereby lightening the burden of the person in charge. We also offer newest trends such as points of modification.

  • image - Reports to labor standards inspection office

    Reports to labor standards inspection office

    The number of people on display reflects the standard of each office. You can save paperwork regarding Labor Standards Inspection Office.

  • image - Surveys


    You can create an office questionnaire using single choice, multiple choices, free answers, mandatory/voluntary answers. With auto aggregation and showing graphically, you can simplify the process of aggregation.

  • image - Events


    You can hold various online events regarding fitness, non-smoking, and diet. You can also choose the forms of the events from personalized events to departmental competition.     By centrally managing follow up measures from encouragements to participate to attendance rate, you can significantly lighten the burden of the person in charge.

  • image - E-mail destribution

    E-mail destribution

    Bulk mail to employees is recommended. With just one click, you can easily send emails to around 1,0000 people. We offer alternative support chat for those who do not have email-address.

  • image - E-learning


    Being available through web/applications, it can be used as an online training. You can make comprehension check and questionnaire. You have optional contents. You can post not only videos but also slide documents such as PDF.

  • image - Statistics


    Our statistics show presenteeism/absenteeism as index of productivity. You can also manage and analyze the employees' percentage of creating accounts.

  • image - Incentive Point

    Incentive Point

    You can utilize incentive function to motivate employees. You can conduct statistical analysis of point distribution to validate its effect to the rate of early health checkups and stress check so as to improve its viability.

  • image - Non-regular employee management

    Non-regular employee management

    By letting non-regular employees not included in Human Resource data have temporary access to WellGo, you can create a sense of unity within your company. You can easily remove them from the parameter anytime.

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