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Collaborative health promotion can be simple

WellGo realizes not only healthcare management but also collaborative health promotion.


  • image - Medical Fee Analysis

    Medical Fee Analysis

    We can display analysis results from various angles such as treatment category, illness, lifestyle habit, and users' age.

  • image - Detailed examination report

    Detailed examination report

    We report those who need to take detailed examination after cancer screening. With our approach using nudge, 80 percent of more than 10000 people in a medical check-up respond to the questionnaire within 2 weeks.

  • image - Online Specific Health Guidance

    Online Specific Health Guidance

    You can post programs that insured individuals choose and encourage the subjects to apply.  We will release specific health instruction function soon. Please contact us for more details.

  • image - Incentive Point

    Incentive Point

    To motivate the insured individuals, you can give them points. Since we have statistical analysis function of points distribution, you can validate the viability of your point measures such as early screening encouragement, dependents' medical check encouragement, non-smoking encouragement.

  • image - Events


    You can hold a wide variety of events, ranging from walking events using ranking function to recording events using calender. To encourage employees to participate in the events, you can coordinate with incentive points.

  • image - e-learning


    As a health literacy education. you can upload health contents using web/application. You can use original contents and optional comprehension check questionnaires.

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