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For medical professionals

Strengthening occupational health and
bidding a farewell to work insurance

The energy of industrial health has been used for paperwork.
To help healthcare professionals invest their time and energy on necessary business,
WellGo supports the efficiency of attentive industrial health.


  • image - Checkup Follow-up

    Checkup Follow-up

    We totally manage operational flow ranging from health guidance to employees' results report. You are liberated from simple work and from making typo.

  • image - Long Working Hours Management

    Long Working Hours Management

    You can have optional working hours filter. You can create an operational flow including fatigue check of the subjects. Being optimized, the system maximizes the efficiency of calculation and judgement.

  • image - Job Stress Questionnaire

    Job Stress Questionnaire

    In addition to 57/80 questions, you can add more questions. We can help you encourage employees take the test as well as follow-up interviews.

  • image - Written Statement/ Record of face-to-face guidance

    Written Statement/
    Record of face-to-face guidance

    With the format based on the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare, you can use various types of formats appropriate for written statement about employment measures, stress check, and long hour work. We have multiple categories of face-to-face instruction.

  • image - Employee Search/ Medical Record

    Employee Search/ Medical Record

    You can search specific individuals by their names and ID numbers, as well as group of individuals who meet multiple conditions. Using medical record function, you can check a variety of information including medical check, absences, stress check, interview records.

  • image - Checkup Reservation Management

    Checkup Reservation Management

    You can make reservation frame and specify subjects. You can operate a variety of things such as encouraging reservations and managing reservations.

  • image - Workplace inspection

    Workplace inspection

    We create a checklist necessary for workplace inspection. Based on the list, you can conduct efficient inspections. It is easy to make check items and customize answer choices.

  • image - Statistic function

    Statistic function

    It widely covers the statistics data regarding follow-up measures, absences, stress check. You're liberated from finding data.

  • image - Custom aggregations

    Custom aggregations

    Irrespective of the sources of regular medical check, specific medical check, comprehensive medical examination, you can cross-search under specific conditions. Besides detecting the subjects, it is easy to make a list

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